Sherlock finale: episode review and highlights

Spoiler alert! (Obviously).Wonderfully reviewed!
However, I came across a post which pointed out that Sherlock was, in fact wearing a wedding ring, the scene where he is holding Rosie; some fans would likely belief in Johnlock, while some would believe that it could be Molly & Sherlock!

Scattered thoughts of a Dubai girl


“You see but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.” ~ Sherlock Holmes in A Scandal in Bohemia, p.3.


Every Sherlock Holmes fan – of both the books and/or the TV series Sherlock has repeated this line to seem smart and intelligent in a sexy kind of way, even though he or she is nothing more than a geek. That fan however, will also know that season four of Sherlock is also the last. Not that anyone official has confirmed it, but it’s quite obvious. I loved the last episode in general, but not quite how it ended. In an ending so cliched and banal, Sherlock S4 disappointed its fans to the point that a big chunk of us won’t even be waiting for  the official news. We know it. We just do. So we must talk about Mary’s narration.


This was how it was: Mary’s…

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