Can your gut feeling save your life?

So today we had a lecture based on memory. During this lecture, our professor touched upon a topic that new to me- The Reticular System. Now before plunging into this article let me explain what this ‘reticular activating system’ is all about. Basically, it is a part of your brain and helps you in scanning your environment for any dangers.

As this was being taught I had realised something- Is this what you call “having a gut feeling that something bad will happen”? I asked my professor about this and she gave me three explanations. The first reason is that of you feeling a supernatural presence, some people believe that and I’m not judging them! Moving on to the second reason, your brain has the capability to understand emotions and actions of people surrounding you, so for example, you’re on a street and the people around you have expressions that you personally feel aren’t giving out good vibes, so what your brain does is alerts you to turn around or fly to safety and later on you figure that a fight or a similar scene had taken place over there at that moment; your gut just saved you! The last reason is that when you have a trail of thoughts and sometimes a bad or a negative thought may cross your mind without you even noticing it, hence, giving us a feeling that “something bad is gonna happen, I just know it!”


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