An improvement…

A subject that I am learning at the moment includes a series of skills that I require as a to-be counsellor. There are skills like paraphrasing, reflection, reframing, normalising, etcetera. Now, I’m not going into details of what each skill would mean because I’m not here to give out information that you could easily find on the internet. To me, each skill is a pretty nerve-wracking experience whilst performing in front of my professor along with the rest of the audience (who are sailing in the same boat as mine).

Anyways, last evening while I was out with a friend of mine who happened to have a long list of things to talk to about (we met after a really long time) and as she spoke, my yet-to-be-developed counsellor qualities kept popping, just like popcorn. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to form paraphrases, reframed sentences, reflections, all the other skills that would take me centuries to form.

Sadly, that friend of mine also happens to know these skills and threatened me to stop or else she would walk away never to return (I had to because she lives too far away to meet again).

P.S-I still have a miserable time performing in front of an audience.


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