The Fifth National Conference of Applied Psychological Research in the Middle East

Yesterday our university had this conference held which was all about new research ideas and topics apart from that there were a few talks that were held by professors who spoke about their area of expertise. Some of the talks that I found interesting were about Indicators and Predictors of Creative Cognition, The role of literacy skills in bilingual and biscriptal schoolchildren on education, Lessons from psychiatry in the Arab world, Analysis of 196 cases of ADHD seen in a Dubai clinic with focus on environmental factors and, Men’s mental well-being: Life after 40.MDX


I was especially interested in Lessons from psychiatry in the Arab world; the talk was basically held by a psychiatrist and his experiences in Libya. He had spoken about his experiences through photographs, which I found extremely moving.


A second topic which I was particularly interested in was the one about the analysis of ADHD (Attentional Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) cases. The expert who had given this talk is the owner of a clinic-based in Dubai. The talk was splendid even more so when the statistics were shown which suggests that boys or rather the male population are more prone to ADHD. This was something that I had been taught in high school without any reason given. Naturally, I thought that this was a great opportunity to question the reason behind such statistics and so I asked; the expert gave a pretty long explanation but I will shorten it (only because I don’t remember it correctly and I don’t want to post incorrect information) it is purely biological. Basically it’s like there is evidence that says it is completely based on biology when it comes to inheritance of ADHD but personally I think that there needs to be research conducted that digs deeper, which obviously means that it will shift its focus from psychology to biology. However, any deeper biological research on ADHD in the future will always be there to help, us, psychologists; as the (completely made up) saying goes – One man’s treasure is also another man’s treasure.


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