One Year.

By now, you (my readers) would’ve finally known that I barely post anything here. Anyways moving onto the title of this post, one year, marks the end of my first year at university. Phew, feels like I have accomplished something great.

Two more years to go! Motivation at its best!

Looking back at this year I think I have learnt two extremely important things about myself; one, my procrastination levels have skyrocketed to an insane level; and two, my cussing has increased along with my ability to turn meaningless words into gold. Jokes aside. I know that I have learnt a lot; so much so that in my daily routine I try to incorporate psychology in every situation possible. The counselling skills that I have acquired seem to pop up every now and then while talking to people. And I know that I have a lot more to learn, which I look forward to!


-Also, I will try and put up posts that are more based on psychology than just me rambling on and on about how I am growing as a person.



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