Rape myths and other issues: A Broadchurch review

Scattered thoughts of a Dubai girl

I am a sci-fi girl. I love my Doctor Who, Westworld, Stranger Things, and a whole bunch of Marvel and other sci-fi movies. Not that I delve too deep into the ‘nerdiness’ of things though because I have no idea what really happens in the comic books. I am just guilty of enjoying the overly glorified money-making franchises. But that leaves me very little room to consume non sci-fi television, and may I say that Broadchurch (a crime drama) has managed to make it to my ultra strict process of selecting new TV shows to watch.


Set in a small town in England, season three of Broadchurch deals with issues relating to rape when a woman called Trish Winterman is gagged and sexually assaulted at her best friend’s birthday party. So the story line revolves around the question, “Who raped Trish?” I am tempted to go into details and use…

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