Psychological “Facts”

Disclaimer: This article is not going to list psychological facts instead it talks about whether posts from these so called psychology sites are in fact psychological or not.

Every now and then we come across “psychology-related” posts be it on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. Now, this is what exactly happens; we come across a post we read it and we think “Wow! I didn’t know that” or “Wow! That is very accurate!” but can we be really sure that these so-called facts aren’t basic statements thrown into a very fancy picture?

Technically, that is how horoscopes work. They literally tell you that you will have a stressful day unless you go out and de-stress yourself, of course, all of that will be written with fancy words. The above statement is true every single day of your life. It is exactly like stating that you will starve unless you eat food.

Sorry, went off track there.

Anyways, my point is that there is a great possibility of psychological facts just not being scientifically proven psychological facts.

Image result for psychology facts


Image result for psychology facts

Oh wow! Psychology said it!

Let’s take the above pictures as an example. How can you be sure that the first picture is a psychology fact and not some random old & wise quote? I’m sure most of you have seen that symbol just because someone retweeted it, posted it, or just because you may follow the account.

Also, take note of how the second picture reads ‘psychology says’. When has psychology said that? The second picture, to me, looks like an individual was trying to prove something to their friend and just threw in the words ‘psychology says’ to validate their friendship.

I only speak of this issue because psychology is a subject that is widely misunderstood by many and such sites, accounts, or posts only seem to increase this misunderstanding. As a psych. student, I want to work towards this issue, to lessen this misunderstanding.


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