Insured Mental Health

This article talks about why more insurance companies need to start including mental health as part of their insurance plan.

As a psychology student, I firmly believe that mental health should be covered most insurance companies. Allow me to clarify the fact that there are insurance companies, here in the UAE, that does cover mental health but are first, limited and; second, limited to a specific population.

The UAE has made it obligatory that employers provide insurance to their employees but here’s the thing, the employers are in charge of the company they choose for their employees, which in other words means ‘Nevermind the quality of the insurance company, I need to obey the rules and regulations of the land I work and live in’. Now, it is obvious enough that employers are always looking for cheaper methods in order to increase profit, but what I do believe is that either the employers should choose an insurance company by means of a checklist (mental health being a ‘must’) or that the government should create a checklist which would be made into a policy, hence resulting in employers picking up quality insurance companies.

Here’s why I’m rooting for insurance companies to include basic mental health care as a part of their insurance plan:

  • According to an article published in The National reports that workers who leave their closely-knitted families behind in their home country are usually the ones to suffer from mental illnesses mainly depression. The treatment of mental health care as a whole is expensive not just in the UAE but in the majority of the world as well.
  • Another article reports that many individuals pretend to have a serious mental illness/ require emergency treatment in order to qualify for free treatment including medications.

An article published in Gulf News reports that mental health is among the top 5 health problems in the UAE. Keep in mind that this is a country whose population increases at a rapid rate and will continue to be on the rise.

So, until then, we, as residents need to look for cheaper methods to tackle mental illness; here’s a list of some cheap/affordable treatments.


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